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I need my sleep as much as anyone but did you know that getting the right number of hours can help you have healthier skin?

Once you are asleep many bodily functions kick in. DNA repair, cellular detox and cellular production are all in action while we sleep, oblivious to the good work taking place in our bodies.

Annet King, Director of Global Education Dermalogica and the International Dermalogica Institute sums it up nicely. “The body uses sleep time for internal housekeeping”, she says. “This is when we process nutrients, detoxify, renew and recharge, so giving your body ample time to accomplish all this is critical for keeping your skin – not to mention your health – in peak condition.”

I have got some great new treatments specifically designed for troubled teenagers. Here’s how they can block breakouts and details of our fizzing face masks!

• Block Breakouts! Dermalogica’s Clear Start breakout booster is a fast-acting acne treatment that can work in just 15 minutes. Because it is formulated with salicylic acid it acts swiftly to kill breakout bacteria to help clear the skin quickly. In addition, it calms irritation and soothes any dryness that may occur. The phytoplankton extract helps balance the skin’s natural microbiome.

Apply directly to the breakout area in a thin layer and repeat as required.

I have heard a lot about how to choose the right colour for your nails. Some people recommend matching your nail colour to that of your lipstick while others suggest you pair it with your clothing.

In my opinion the best method is to match it to your skin tone. In addition you need to get the base colour right.

Here are my tips for the different complexion types to help you choose the right shade of nail polish for you.

Pale Complexion

The best shades for you are the lighter ones with a pink or blue base. Pastels are a good choice as are pinks or reds.

• Polish tip – choose a blue based polish
• Consider – pale pastel pink, blue, green, peach or beige
• Avoid – dark blue, black, yellow, green, gold or orange

Last month I talked about how eating appetisers and sweet things can adversely affect your skin.  This month I look at the effects of alcohol and processed foods plus dairy products.  

Fact 3:

The indulgence – alcohol and processed foods.

The effect – overindulgence can lead to dehydration which can result in a pasty appearance, puffy skin and visible lines.

Now everyone enjoys a little extra indulgence when they are holiday but you do need to be aware of how what you put into your body can adversely affect your skin.

Fact 1:

• The indulgence – meat and cheese appetisers.
• The effect – if you eat too much protein you run the risk of thicker, more stagnant lymphatic fluid which can result in dull, puffy skin and dark circles.